Negresco n°6 2017
Negresco n°6 2017
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Selon la légende, Catherine Ségurane met à terre le porte-drapeau turc grâce à son battoir de lavandière. Legend says Catherine Ségurane knocked the Turkish standard bearer senseless with her laundry beater. Ciginfilnem szefunniA PAGE DE GAUCHE ET CI-DESSUS  : BIBLIOTHÈQUE CESSOLE NICE 15 August 1543. The Ottoman forces are at the gates of Nice, on the point of attacking. Their objective ? The Sincaïre Bastion, a strategic component of the town’s fortifications. All of a sudden a simple washerwoman – a bugadiera in the Nissart language – bursts from the ranks of Niçois. Her name is Catherine Ségurane. Armedonly with her laundry beater, she knocks the enemy’s standard bearer senseless – better still, she sends the attackers packing by... liftingup her skirts ! Which unfortunately didn’t prevent the Turks returning a few days later and, with the help of Francis I’s French troops, taking the Lower Town. Where was Catherine then ? No one knows, and we’ll never be any better informedsince there are doubts she even existed ! So is Catherine Ségurane a myth ? Perhaps, but a founding myth, a heritage on which the Niçois have forged their history. Nice’s act of resistance to the invading Ottoman forces had consequences for all Europe, and in addition some attributed that victory to the intervention of the Virgin Mary, whose saint’s day is... 15 August. Others simply lauded Catherine Ségurane’s courage, so much so that history still remembers her and, despite being described as a sort of virago, rather ugly but brave and strong, she has fired the imaginations of poets and writers. As a legendary figure she embodies several images and symbols  : resistance, revolt and pride, protective mother figure of the town, its common people and its Savoyard past. So it’s hardly surprising that her legend endures and today she is still celebrated, on 25 November, Saint Catherine’s Day, as a personification of Niçois identity. The town has nameda street and a secondary school after her. c 24 1. - 1,  : à 1- Am ; , ; 1c... 07 a na' » - D.R. N A N A S 3 7

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