L'essentiel Luxembourg n°2410 20 mar 2018
L'essentiel Luxembourg n°2410 20 mar 2018
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FINANCE STAND N°65 FINANCE STAND N°51 AXIS AXIS GROUP - HR Â AZTEC FINANCIAL ZTEC carffl ADVISOR G,-, , SERVICES POSTES PROPOSÉS (H/F) - RÉS.:EPTION Ni 51E - SECRÉTAIRE JURIDIQUE - COMPTABLE RISK ANALYST - TRANSFER AGENT COMPTABLE DE FONDS SENIOR - PRICING OFFICER EMPLOYÉ aacK -orna TITRES COMPLIANCE AFFILER - AML/KYC OPERATIONS ANALYST JURISTE FONDS - LEGAL AND CORPORATE OFFICER FUND TAx sPEciAue GESTIONNAIRE DE DOSSIERS D'ASSURANCE - FACILITIES MANAGER DATA PROTECTION OFFICER - SECRÉTAIRE SENIOR FINANCE STAND N°58 eu ca.reers INSTITUTIONS EUROPEENNES ING BANQUE INTERNATIONALE À LUXEMBOURG (BIL) JOB OPENINGS (M/F) Relationship Manager - Retail - Real Estete Credit Ana hist - Risk Anale (- BMI - Senior Privete Ban ker - Senior Associate RM - IJHNWI - Senior Business Developer/Senior RM - Head of Corporate Real Estate - Corporate Relationship Manager - Business Developer CIB ProJeas & Support - Senior Quantitative Anaiyst - CuStoMer Support Assistant - Wealth Relationship Manager - Head of Modeling FINANCE STAND A°60 IFDS JOB OPENINGS (M/F) Consultant en Implémentation logiciel - DeposItory Oversight Specielist, Associate 1 - Transfer Agent - Client Service Operations Specialist - Senior Transfer Agent Dealing - Client Relationship Manager - Vice President - Client Service Operetions Senior Associate - Client Service Operations Manager - Manager Customer Due Diligence - Auditor, Corporate Audit - BA Financial Reporting Administrator JOB OPENINGS (M/F) Junior Fund Admintstrator - Junior Fund Accountant - Junior Depositary Accountant Junior Legal Counsel FINANCE STAND N°50 ING. JOB OPENINGS (M/F) - Senior Auditor - KYC Analyst ING LUXEMBOURG LA MONDIALE EUROPARTNER c g -MO FINANCE STAND N°124 Europe. Ineeatmont ! II benh EUROPEAN I NVESTM ENT BANK JOB OPENINGS (M/F) EquitylStructured Finance Credit Risk Officer (Senior) Credit Risk management Officer - (Associate) Derrvatives Risk Officer Graduate in Communication - (Associate) Prudential Regulation Officer - (AsSoCiare) DerNativeS Risk Officer - Graduate - Internai Credit Rating Modems - (Senior) Risk Reporting Officer FINANCE Are you looking to develop your full potentiel ? YOU Can, witll Swiss Life Global Sol u rionsWe cnable employees Co pursue their pro fessional develnpment Ely activcly sliaping rheir eareer- join Our tem". YOUr future starts here. Intertrust eete SwissLife Global Solutions www.swi ssl i fe.co m/glo bal PRESENTATION intenrustis. a recognised gicioal qua iity leader in me trust and corporate services sector, lisied et Euronext AMsterciam, prtividing a broad range of commercial, legal and el-ni niStratrve services tu multinational corporations, financial institutions, alternative investment fields and entrepreneurs from every cerner of the world. Established in Luxembourg since 1955, our local office is proud to have more than 500 ski lied professienels on band to provide e full range of fund, Corporate, capital markets and pi-ri/ale weaith services. From corporate CO nerri erate5 ru treh net wons individuels and familles Luxembourg offers solutions te every challenge. JOB OPENINGS (M/F) - (Sen'lor) Cor pore te AS5d5tcrit - Reiationship Officer Accounting - Relationship Officer Legal - Relationship Manager Accounting Relationship Manager Legal - (Senior) Relationship Manager ACCOunting - (Senior) Relationship Manager Legal Manager Accounting Services Sionager Legal Services Corporate Prss Unit Manager ACCOUnriO7, LINK Luxair 1NTERTRUST LUXEMBOURG intertrustgroup.com LINK CORPORATE SERVICES AUdICIrlI ETA41... LUXEMBOURG GR 01.1P 11111 SwissLife = ; F:. abilry Gleba] Sfilution., - Tas Director - Company Secretary - Relationship Manager Consolidation chinesespealang Relationship Manager Legal - Graduate Relationship Officer Legal - Graduate Rerationship Officer Accounting - Expert Consolidation Services - Commercial Assistant - F.Jnds Department - Business Unit Manager Legal FINANCE STAND Ne68 FINANCE STAND N°123 FINANCE STAND N°61 FINANCE I STAND N°38 POSTES PROPOSÉS (H/F) - Administrateurs (Niveau Universitaire) - Auditeurs (Cour des Comptes) - Juristes-Liniguistes (Droit DE et Droit NL) - Traducteurs POSTES PROPOSÉS (H/F) Business Development Manager - Actuaire - Fund Carnpliance Analyst - Responsable du Développement RH - Gestionnaire de contrat Marché FRANCE ou ITALIE - Manager BOT/INVEST - Manager Produits'JOB OPENINGS (M/F) -Accountant - Accountant - Senior - Corporate (Legal) officer - Corporate (Legal) Officer - Senior - Administrative Assistant - Administrative Assistant Senior, PI AN OCORIAN SERVICES (LUXEMBOURG) JOB OPENINGS (11/F) - Corporate Officer - Senior Corporate Officer - Manager tIm
FINANCE STAND NUS FINANCE STAND N'64 orbium ORBI » orblum.cotn PRESENTATION'ehein banks and wea ith managers realise [heir strategy and execution priorities. Widely recognised for excep- Clonai commitment, we help our dients to rearise revenue growth and efficiency gains through innovation and industrialisation. By effertivejr blending business and technology consuiting with software products and strong pannersh ips, we enable clients to fucus on what maliens mosrl Meir own suceras.'Ne have over 450 employees lacated in the world's key financial centres : New York, London, Zurich, Geneva, Singapore, Hong Kong Frankfurt, Dusseidort Luxembourg Paris, Sydney, Berlin, Warsaw and Mania. JOB OPENINGS (M/F) JavalJEE Developer - junior IT Consultant - Backbase Consultant - Business Analyst IT Consultant - ReeruitMent Speciallst Database Developer & Performante Soraialist - Senior Technical Consultant I -Technical Writer A Career with Vistra RBC INVESTOR SERVICES BANK JOB OPENING5 (Min ›eni.nr- Au& Managerrt Audit Manager IT - Senior Real Estate Private Equity Expert Senior Projrat Manager - Senior Manager Service Assurance AML Compliance Manager - Full Stock Developerum Rsm RSM LUXEMBOURG JOB OPENING5 (M/F) - Autluntant - Officer - Junior Auditor -VAT Manager - Tax Compliance Manager - & Accounting Manager - Tax & Accounling Senior - Tax &Accountinglunior InternS (Audit, Tax & Atcounting) - Payroll Offker - Corporate & Compliance Officer Expand Further Vistra's specialist colleagues provide tailored trust, fiduciary, fund and corporate services. Our relationships with our clients are the foundation of our business, so we believein recruiting the best people. We are an expanding global business with over 3,200 employees in 45 Locations, and offer training and development opportunities to help you grow with us. For further information, please contact luxembourg@vistra.com or visit our website. FINANCE STAND At°66 FINANCE STAND N°57 FINANCE STAND N°62 FINANCE STAND N°60 FINANCE STAND N.67 F SANNE Rge-kLE SOCIÉTÉ GÉNÉRALE BANK AND TRUST SIN] ESI1ZEIF STATE STREET SWISS LIFE GLOBAL Su iy ; Life SOLUTIONS JOB OPENING5 (M/F) POSTES PROPOSÉS (H/F) JOB OPENING5 (M/F) JOB OPENING5 (M/F)Accouni(sAdrninistreer. Real Estate BU Contreiteur de Gestion Consultant en implémentation Logiciel customr Service Officer Administrator-Real Estate BU Comptable OPC - DepoSitOry Oversight Spectalist, ASSociate 1 Operations Officer - Ass. Manage-Cosec-Private Debt&Capital Markets - Organisateur Conseil - Transfer Agent - Finance Officer - Corporate Secretanal Administrator Chef de Proie Client Service Operatlons Speeialist Investment Concrets Spectakst - Depositary Cash Monitoring Administrator - Analyste Crédit - Senior Transfer Agent Dealing - Reconciliation &kers Administrator-Administrative support - Développeur IT - Client RelatIonshlp Manager vice President - Operationrs Intemshlp - SR Admin.-Accounts-Private Debt&Capital Markets - Fiscaliste Corporate - Client Service Operations Senior Associate - Fund Administration Officers - SR Admin. -Cosec-Private Debt&Capital Markets - Auditeur Interne - Client Service Operations Manager - Legal and Compliance Intemship - Manager-Accounts-PrIvate Debt&CapItal Markets - Superviseur Comptable - Manager Customer Due Diligence - HP Internship - Others - Analyste KYC AML - Auditor, Corporate Audit - Business Support to CFO - BA Financial Reporting Admirratrator - Business Intelligence Internship - Tax and Legal Product Manager www.vistracom VI STRA V in99yijob Get.com Votre Salon « Emploi, Formation, Carrière » Nous vous y attendons ce Vendredi 23 Mars de 9h30 à 17b00— Entrée libre et gratuite Inscription sur moovijobtour.com

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