Code 2.0 n°5 sep/oct/nov 2012
Code 2.0 n°5 sep/oct/nov 2012
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Mirrors, Doors Ellie Ga Japan’s Ise temple contains a sacred mirror given by the gods to the emperor as a symbol of wisdom. The mirror lies deep in the temple complex. It can never be photographed or drawn. Its existence inside the shrine cannot be confirmed. From vanity to wisdom, a mirror’s symbolism varies from country to country, like the magpie, which brings bad luck in England and happiness to the Chinese. The magpie can recognize its own reflection in the mirror. The guardians of the royal tombs in Luxor stand outside the tombs with fragments of mirrors, directing a strand of sun into the dark interior. How many generations have made this gesture of letting in the light ? In the Arctic, Captain Kane fails to expose an image, but since the daguerreotype plates resemble mirrors, he gives the plates to his crew to use while shaving. When the majority of the crew is bedridden with scurvy, he arranges the plates in the sick room to reflect the outside world into the interior of the ship. Like most reflections, it quickly disappears from view. The mask is the soul of the dive, the eyes are a mirror into the soul. In Alexandria, when Doctor Ashraf teaches his divers how to navigate around the stones of the Ancient Lighthouse, he paints their masks white. They navigate through touch because the visibility can be that bad. Besides the Great Pyramids, the Lighthouse of Alexandria was the only ancient wonder to have survived into the modern era. But when 11 th -century Arab travelers saw the Lighthouse, they wrote that its mirror was the real ancient wonder. Could it really spot ships a day's sail away ? Was it stolen by the Byzantines during the Crusades ? Was it made of polished bronze, or did it look like a security mirror in the corridor of a Londontube station ? A lighthouse is the doorway to a harbor. The twelve hours of the underworld are separated by a false door. Among the tangle of granite sphinxes and pharaohs’heads strewn on the seabed of Alexandria’s harbor, is the nine meters long door jambof the Ancient Lighthouse. Its immense size shows us how large the building used to be. When it collapsed in an earthquake in the 14 th century, the stones that avoided the seabed were used to build a citadel. Five hundred years later, after bombardment, the only thing left standing was the doorway of pink-granite, made in part with the base of a statue turnedupside-down. It’s the last trace of the Ancient Lighthouse on land.• Born in 1976 in New York, Ellie Ga lives in Warnham (UK), and Brooklyn (NY).• The following pages are composed with images from Ellie Ga’s own archive. 16

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