BIZweek n°371 3 déc 2021
BIZweek n°371 3 déc 2021
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VENDREDI 03 DÉCEMBRE 2021 BIZWEEK ÉDITION 371 0% -5% -10% -16% -20% Figure Streamlinin g S DR reduces bar6ers to services tracte Average percenta-ge of decrease in STR ! v3kies resnq from m'aval of eXistIng Inipedirrierits The 67 WTO members taking part in the initiative In total, 67 World Trade Organization’s members are taking part in finalizing a new deal on services domestic regulation. These countries are  : Albania, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain Kingdom of, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, China, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea Republic of, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Moldova Republic of, Montenegro, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia Kingdom of, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States and Uruguay. STFtt raduction in% Average. ! MU. POST SCRIPTUM ire 1.vilk.1.1)1'11.0.11-11 CuLciear, in ic a)) OECD CUTTING RED TAPE, SLASHING TRADE COSTS, AND FACILITATING SERVICES TRADE Lowering trade costs through services domestic regulation implementation Despite the increasing awareness of good regulatory practices for the smooth function of services markets, there remains scope for further progress on streamlining domestic regulation of services sectors. This assessment is based on a benchmarking of the various disciplines of the Joint Initiative against the database of the OECD Services Trade Restrictiveness Index (STRI). Full implementation of the SDR disciplines would make an important contribution to facilitate cross-border services trade. Benchmarking of SDR disciplines against the STRI database shows that impediments to services trade could be lowered by 11% in the average across all economies participating in the Joint Initiative for which data is available. Most barriers could be eliminated in sectors such as computer services, commercial banking, and telecommunications services (all -16%), which are key intermediate services contributing to all economic activities. Moreover, as most of these sectors are important pillars of the digital economy, streamlining domestic regulations would also benefit digital trade. These reductions of services trade barriers highlight some of the challenges faced by services companies when providing services to foreign jurisdictions. Streamlined regulations in services sectors could reduce the time and cost required for dealing with administrative barriers and regulatory red tape. These cost savings can incentivise new trade and new investment. They can also be passed on through lower prices to users of these services, including consumers and businesses. While the exact distribution of cost savings is difficult to assess, it is possible to quantify the magnitude of potential savings based on the current volume of services trade. Broader trade benefits of implementing services domestic regulation Besides significant trade costs savings, the implementation of SDR disciplines can bring broader economic benefits, including an increase in services trade and enhanced participation in global value chains (GVCs). The implementation of SDR disciplines tends to correspond to more services trade by all four modes of supply. Trade in services is critical to economic growth and development. For developing economies, services trade offers opportunities to build know-how and technological capacity and achievecompetitiveness at the global level. Moreover, there is evidence that services exporters pay higher wages than non-exporting firms. Cutting red tape in regulatory frameworks can help create new services trade opportunities for suppliers of all sizes and women entrepreneurs. It can benefit particularly micro, smalland medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), which typically face limited resources to navigate complex and costly requirements and procedures. Concluding remarks At a time when businesses advocate for more transparency and predictability of regulatory frameworks, and even more so against the backdrop of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the SDR disciplines will consolidate a set of internationally recognized good regulatory practices within the WTO legal framework. Through the implementation of these disciplines, economies can significantly lower trade costs, with an estimated reduction of around USD 150 billion annually, and reap related trade benefits, including enhancing volumes of services trade and fostering participation in global value chains. 8
VENDREDI 03 DÉCEMBRE 2021 BIZWEEK ÉDITION 371 DEBRIEF TO PROMOTE RECOVERY AND SUSTAINABILITY OF ENVIRONMENT MOL Establishes Authorized Public Trust ‘MOL Mauritius International Fund Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Ltd (Tokyo) announced, on December 1 2021, that in November, it established the authorized public trust « MOL Mauritius International Fund for Natural Environment Recovery and Sustainability » in Japan, as a part of its aid activities to promote the recovery and sustainability of the environment, and communities in the Republic of Mauritius. The trust issued its first invitation for grant applications on December 1 The fund was established with the objective of ensuring the sustainable growth of the nation’s economy, promoting its culture through environmental activities, and supporting activities that contribute to local communities. MOL hopes to support the development of fisheries, tourism, and cultural activities, which are the foundation of the Mauritian economy, as wellas recovery and preservation of its natural environment and diverse ecosystems such as mangrove forests and coral reefs, and protection and research on wild and migratory birds including endemic species. MOL plans to contribute about 500 million yen to the fund in Japan, and will provide a total of about 800-million-yen scale aid along with the MOL Charitable Trust which was established in Mauritius in June of 2021. The Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank Limited will operate the fund as a trustee, and grant recipients will be selected impartially by a steering committee madeup of experts. MOL will provide flexible and diverse support activities through the combination of the two funds ; the fund in Japan willassist relatively long-termand large-scale projects, while the MOL Charitable Trust in Mauritius will support more community-focused measures. It is MOL’s intent that grant recipients will be selected fairly and impartially through the fund to provide widespread support to Mauritius, and that the MOL Group as a whole continues to engage with the nation and its people. C-Care Clinique Darné aux côtés de T1 Diams dans la lutte contre le diabète Objectif  : apporter sa pierre à la lutte contre le diabète à Maurice. La Clinique Darné, établissement de santé privé du groupe C-Care, a signé un protocole d’accord avec T1 Diams, qui vient en aide aux patients atteints de diabète de Type 1, non seulement pour apporter son soutien à l’ONG, mais aussi pour sensibiliser la population à cette maladie chronique et malheureusement incurable. La signature de ce partenariat de trois ans, a eu lieu au Hennessy Park Hotel à Ébène, le jeudi 18 novembre, coïncidant avec le mois marquant la lutte contre le diabète. L’établissement hospitalier souhaite toucher, dans un premier temps, les patients étant atteints de diabète depuis plus de 10 ans afin de prendre des actions correctrices. Moka Express avec POP TV  : Découvrir le cœur de l’île autrement Faire découvrir la Smart City de Moka à travers une chasse au trésor tournée dans la région mokassienne, et inspirée du fameux jeu télévisé Pékin Express. Voilà le pari de Moka Express, émission de la Smart City de Moka, réalisée et produite par l’équipe de Pop TV et offrant une bonne dose d’adrénaline et de fun. Après les trois premières manches, la finale sera diffusée ce dimanche 5 décembre à 19 heures sur la page Facebook de Moka Smart City. KFC Maurice récompense les gagnants du concours « Réimagine le Friendship Bucket » Le lundi 29 novembre 2021, KFC Maurice a organisé une remise des prix pour récompenser les gagnants du concours de dessin qui avait eu lieu en octobre. C’est au Hennessy Park Hotel à Ebène que Gary Bignoux, le grand gagnant du concours « Réimagine le Friendship Bucket », ainsi que ses dauphins, se sont vu remettre leurs prix. La création du lauréat du concours a séduit les internautes et celle-ci habillera le prochain Friendship Bucket de décembre. Ses dauphins Riyaa Susty et Aïsha tg C-ee Prix GARY BIGNOUX Rs 25,000 Akbar repartent quant à elles, avec un beau cash prize de Rs 10 000 et Rs 5 000 chacune. Leurs créations seront présentes dans l’ensemble des restaurants KFC à travers l’île. Coup de neuf à la Bambous ‘A’Pre-Primary School L’équipe de la Fondation Medine Horizons ainsi que les Medine Volunteers étaient une fois de plus sur le terrain, et cette fois ci, à la Bambous ‘A’Pre-Primary and Primary Government School pour embellir les espaces intérieurs et extérieurs de l’école. Situé en face du poste de police de Bambous, cet établissement accueille les enfants âgés de 3 à 11 ans du village de Bambous. Plusieurs volontaires ont répondu présents à l’appel de la Fondation Medine Horizons pour donner un coup de neuf à l’école. Au programme  : peinture de fresques, décoration de la classe, mise en terre d’arbres fruitiers et don de matériel pédagogique et de jeux éducatifs par le groupe Medine et ses employés. Speedfreight complète l’extension de son aire de stationnement Speedfreight, entreprise du pôle Shipping & Logistics du Groupe ABC a récemment complété les travaux d’agrandissement du USL Caudan Centre, son aire de stationnement située à l’entrée du Caudan avec l’ajout de 150 places de parking additionnelles. Fort du succès rencontré par ses trois aires de stationnement situées à proximité de l’échangeur du Caudan, l’entreprise s’est lancée dans un projet d’extension du USL Caudan Centre, qui offrait initialement une capacité d’accueil de 220 véhicules. Celui-ci dispose désormais de 370 places dont plusieurs pour les personnes à mobilité réduite. Le USL Caudan Centre, comme les deux autres aires de stationnement de Speedfreight, propose le service Park & Ride, une navette gratuite qui le relie à la Place D’Armes, la Rue Dr Ferriere et au Caudan Waterfront. 9

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