BIZweek n°367 5 nov 2021
BIZweek n°367 5 nov 2021
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  • Dans ce numéro : 10 scénarios qui pourraient impacter la croissance et l'inflation.

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lur ffl Global risk scenarios Political Mi litary Economic Environ menta VVorsening US.Ch i na ties force full decoupling Fast mon etary tightening leads to stockmarket crash Widespread social unrest weighs on global recovery Variants of coro navi rus emerge and prcive resistant to vaccines ours : The Economist Intelligence Unit week EU-China ties worseri significantly. Tighter fi nancia I conditions clera I recovery in s e merging markets POST COP26 African Governments Must Act to Protect Their Countries’Oil and Gas Industries ÉDITION 367 – VENDREDI 05 NOVEMBRE 2021 L’HEBDOMADAIRE DIGITAL GRATUITh. mmmmmmmmmmm L’HEBDOMADAIRE ÉLECTRONIQUE GRATUIT ECONOMIC INTELLIGENCE UNIT RISK OUTLOOK 2022 10 scenarios that could impact global growth and inflation The Economic Intelligence Unit expects the post-pandemic recovery to continue in 2022, with global GDP expanding by 4.1%. However, this rebound will mask great variations in the pace of recovery across different regions. In addition to this baseline outlook, they are also tracking a host of scenarios that could derail the post-pandemic recovery and have an effect on global business operations A property crash in China leads to a sharp economic slowdawn Cyberwar erupts Conti ict erupt hetween China and Taiwan Severe droughts prompt famine

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