BIZweek n°366 29 oct 2021
BIZweek n°366 29 oct 2021
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  • Dans ce numéro : l'économie de l'Afrique subsaharienne en passe de guérir en 2021.

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BIZweek ÉDITION 366 – VENDREDI 29 OCTOBRE 2021 L’HEBDOMADAIRE DIGITAL GRATUIT Sub-Saharan Africa is projected to grow by 3.7 percent in 2021 and 3.8 percent in 2022 – a welcome but relatively modest recovery, suggesting that divergence with the rest of the world will persist over the medium term. The crisis has highlighted key disparities in resilience between countries in sub-Saharan Africa and has also exacerbated preexisting vulnerabilities and inequality within each country. Moreover, food price inflation threatens to jeopardize previous gains in food security and exacerbate social and political instability. As the pandemic continues, authorities face an increasingly difficult policy environment, with rising needs, limited resources, and difficult tradeoffs. Saving lives remains the top priority, but there is also an urgent need for spending prioritization, revenue mobilization, enhanced credibility, and an improved business environment. International solidarity and cooperation remain vital, not only on vaccination but also on addressing other critical global issues, such as climate change LATEST REGIONAL ECONOMIC OUTLOOK INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND REGIONAL ECONOMIC OUTLOOK COP26 Enlightened Climate Policy for Africa L’HEBDOMADAIRE ÉLECTRONIQUE GRATUIT Sub-Saharan Africa’s economy is set to recover in 2021 SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA One Planet, Two Worlds, Three Stories 2021 OCT ee4 R-91

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