BIZweek n°347 18 jun 2021
BIZweek n°347 18 jun 2021
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VENDREDI 18 JUIN 2021 BIZWEEK ÉDITION 347 AFRICAN AIRLINES ASSOCIATION LA TOUR Airline Sector Soaks Up $10b Loss The airline industry in Africa recorded a passenger revenue loss of about $10.21 billion for the year 2020, with passenger numbers dropping from 95 million in 2019 to 34.7 million in 2020, representing a year-on-year decline of 63.7 percent. The published its impact assessment analysis on June 2, giving an in-depth analysis of the continent’s air industry performance for 2020, showing that the carriers will continue to lose money in 2021, although it is expected to reduce to about $8.35 billion From the end of March, the majority of carriers grounded their aircraft causing a drastic seat and revenue per kilometre drop of 85 percent and 94 percent respectively in April. The reduction in traffic continued until June, before reversing with the gradual opening of borders. The survey entitled ‘Air Transport Report 2020’also found that African airlines carried more domestic traffic in 2020, making 43 percent of their total traffic. «The leading carriers in terms of domestic traffic are airlines like Safair, Ethiopian Airlines, Mango Airlines, and Air Algerie. Those five airlines carried 4.8 million passengers on domestic routes during the year. International traffic represented 57 percent breaking down into 19 percent of Intra-African and 38 percent of intercontinental passengers», can we read in the report of the African Airlines Association (AFRAA). Europe is the major international destination of African airlines, representing 21 percent and even exceeding Intra African traffic (19 percent), domestic excluded. Traffic to the Middle East tended to increase, while traffic to Asia reduced due to Covid-19. Lowering airport charges Northern Africa leads in passenger numbers, representing 36.6 percent of the total continental traffic, boosted by European tourists. Eastern Africa is second with a share of 22.2 percent of the continent’s market. Domestic and Intra-African traffic are dominant in this region, both representing 70 percent of the traffic in 2020. Southern Africa suffered a 63.6 percent drop in traffic due to Covid-19 with the region having only 21 percent of the continental traffic but its share of domestic market grew to 77 percent in the last quarter of 2020, from 66 percent before Covid-19. Central and Western African regions both represented 19.7 percent of the traffic in Africa. Johannesburg and Cairo were the busiest airports as per landings and take-offs, with Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi leading ranking by freight traffic handling more than 330,000 tonnes in 2020 followed by Cairo’s 280,000 tonnes. Lusaka has the highest level of charges while Mahe Island has the lowest among the selected airports. Some of the busiest airports in Africa like Johannesburg, Addis, Algiers are among the least expensive. This indicates that lowering the airport charges can have a positive effect on traffic. Removing barriers Johannesburg remains the most connected airport, even if severely affected by the lockdown measures. Mauritius completely ceased operations during Quarters 2 and 3, bringing connectivity level to zero. Airports like Madagascar, Lome and Khartoum saw a quick improvement from the beginning of Quarter 3, benefiting from less strict restrictions. In 2020, the regional traffic represented only 19% of African carriers’operations. Furthermore, the Covid-19 situation depleted the Intra-African connectivity that was already low. It is important to facilitate travels within Africa by removing the barriers that prevent travels within the continent. «Among the 54 countries in the African continent, 13 have direct flights to more than 20 African countries. Ethiopia and AFRAA AIR TRANSPORT REPORT 2020 Kenya lead with 30 direct flights and more to other countries within Africa. However, the intra-African connectivity remains poor. African airlines should take the opportunity to develop their intra-African Network, especially in this period where the EU has limited travels to Europe.» In terms of Visa openness within, more and more countries are opening their borders to other African countries. In 2010, The Gambia joined Seychelles and Benin in the group of totally Visa-free countries. Visa on arrival is adopted by 32 countries across Africa. Unfortunately, in 2020, 46% of Africans still need a visa to travel to another African country compared to 50% in 2019, which is a small improvement. REGIONAL INSIGHTS Northern Africa is the leading region in terms of passengers, representing 36.6% of the total continental traffic. In this region, the major part of this traffic is directed outside the continent, in particular to Europe : 45% before Covid. This can be explained by the tourism that is developed in the region and attracts Europeans. Middle-East is also a preferred destination from Northern Africa (22% of the traffic in 2019) due to the strong cultural and economic relationship between the Maghreb and Middle-East. The Covid-19 outbreak caused a year-onyear drop of 61% of the regional traffic. 4 Cont’d on page 5
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