BIZweek n°333 12 mar 2021
BIZweek n°333 12 mar 2021
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  • Dans ce numéro : les relations entre l'Afrique et la Chine.

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VENDREDI 12 MARS 2021 BIZWEEK ÉDITION 333 100.0 90.0 80.0 70.0 60.0 50.0 40.0 30.0 20.0 10.0 0.0 _64_3 64.1 90.1 34. 95.1 25.4 27.0i 44_0 21 Chart Source  : Chart 3 a 3  : UNCTAD Share b  : Share of merchandise Stats of merchandise (accessed exports destined imports November to Africa sourced 2020). and from within Africa to and South within Africa in Africa 2019.from South Africa in Source  : 2019. UNCTAD Stats (accessed November 2020). Chart 3 b  : Share of merchandise imports sourced from Africa and within Africa from South Africa 120.0 2019. 88.0 98.2 100.0 84.3 86.2 76.2 81. 72.5 78. 80.0 71. 71.2 63.3 57.2 59.3 60.0 40.0 20.0, rie% de- 7.5 POST SCRIPTUM kz -eb 0.0 a 1 e (..'2, -.› ocra 4 (seb.e -le _e'e- k s'.o. 4 ;) Source  : UNCTAD Stats (accessed Share cri November Africa in World 2020). Share of South Africa in Africa 313.1, 1:‘'`N2'e- 12.1 ai') N.) 78.8 11.7 311 I 1.)e'ea *.‘", r7° Share of Africa in World Share of South Africa in Africa Chart 3 b  : Share of merchandise imports sourced from Africa and within Africa from South Africa in 2019. Source  : UNCTAD Stats (accessed November 2020). Source  : UNCTAD UNCTAD Stats (accessed Stats (accessed November November 2020). 2020). importing a range of diversified goods from arrivals in 2017, that is 35 per cent of the Covid-19, its associated travel restrictions South Africa. Africa While is in in West dire Africa, economic Nigeria straits ; African it total. adversely Tourism represents affects a tourism non-negligible straits ; of source the it of tourism adversely trade in services industry affects earnings world-wide tourism in economies in and the contributed in Southern region. to wipe Covid-19 Africa out a large owing proved n in coupled the region. with its effects Covid-19 on Southern proved African no South is exception. the economic Africa Covid-19 hegemon, is in the dire brought trade economic dependence of West African countries on Nigeria Southern Africa (about 60 per cent accord- chunk of the Southern African tourism a collapse exception. is to not travel as pronounced bans, Covid-19 as border it is for brought Southern closures a collapse and ing imposition to a 2017 of the report of tourism by mandatory UNCTAD industry). Importantly, imposition South as Africa of September is a of driver mandatory of were intra-Af- Namibia quarantines. Southern and Zambia. Africa’s The economic only woes Southern due to Africa quarantines. world-wide markets The almost and only overnight. in Southern African owi to African countries travel countries bans, to have on South border eased Africa. travel closures restrictions and countries to have eased travel restrictions rican tourism as in the of region. September When South were Namibia Covid-19 were and relatively Zambia. worse than other Impact on trade in goods Africa is in dire economic straits ; it adversely regions owing to several factors  : a higher and services affects tourism in the region. 6 Covid-19 spread of the virus in the region, relatively higher openness of Southern Africa to proved no exception. Covid-19 6 brought a Nigeria remains largely an exporter of oil collapse of the tourism industry world-wide trade, dependence of the region on South and gas with a less diversified industrial base and in Southern Africa owing to travel bans, Africa as a trade market both in goods and than South Africa. For instance, while Senegal exported in 2019 about 40 per cent of border closures and imposition of mandatory quarantines. The only Southern African services industry and prevalence of tourism services, a relatively larger orientation to the its merchandise to Africa (the highest in the countries to have eased travel restrictions as as a tradable services sector. A key policy West African region), only 7 per cent of its of September were Namibia and Zambia. message is that the Southern African region intra-African exports were destined to Nigeria alone. The adverse impact of Covid-19 on Vulnerable to systemic shocks in the region should leverage the African Continental In 2018, Mauritius attracted about 1.9 million visitors (of whom about 10.9 per cent levels of intra-African trade but also to sig- Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) not only to boost South Africa had ripple effects throughout the sub region. came from South Africa) contributing about nificantly diversify its African trade, reduce Covid-19 impacted on trade in goods in the US$1.6 billion. Tourist arrivals in the first dependence on South Africa and develop region but also on trade in services. Southern Africa harbors a few top tourism-desti- semester 2020 totaled only 304,881 compared to 650,082 in the corresponding period African region. markets outside the immediate Southern nation economies in Africa. In 2017, based in 2019. The largest drops came from India Diversification remains the best antidote on number of international tourist arrivals, (-69.9 per cent) followed by South Africa to shock-induced vulnerabilities. Covid-19 South Africa was the second top tourism (-65.4 per cent). In Botswana, in 2018 tourist arrivals totaled 1.8 million, 35 per cent of has exposed the vulnerabilities of Southern has been a stark reminder of this. Covid-19 destination in Africa behind Morocco. Ten out of the eleven Southern African countries were in the top twenty-one destinations them originated from South Africa and 83 African countries to their mutual market per cent from SADC countries. In Namibia, dependence. The AfCFTA should be an opportunity for Southern African countries to in Africa (Zimbabwe was 6th, followed by in 2019, about 1.7 million tourists came Botswana 8th, Namibia 9th, Mozambique to visit, of whom 68.4 per cent originated trade not only within their own regional economic communities (RECs) but across the 10th, Mauritius 14th right behind Kenya, from Angola (36.1 per cent), South Africa Lesotho 16th, Zambia 17th, ESwatini 20th (16.9 per cent) and Zambia (15.4 per cent). wider continent. The search for new markets and Malawi 21st). Collectively the Southern Such dependence on SADC markets makes in goods and services should go hand in hand African region represented 22 million tourist the Southern African tourism industry with steppedup efforts to industrialize and vulnerable to systemic shocks in the region. diversify into new services sectors. 4:1Z `C> 69.6 8
VENDREDI 12 MARS 2021 BIZWEEK ÉDITION 333 The Women in Criminal Justice Conference brought women leaders from across Africa together to discuss a wide range of topics and to network as women leaders in a predominantly male field. A followup event was due to be held in Tanzania in early 2021, but was moved online following the COVID-19 crisis. This allowed participants from Mauritius, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and the UK to join in a COVID-safe way to continue the discussions and networking. This underlined the determination of women leaders everywhere to not let the global INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY pandemic stand in the way of increased cooperation in the fight against crime. The event saw the participation of women experts and leaders to discuss and debate a diverse range of topics including the illegal wildlife trade, sexploitation, illicit finance and the role of the regulator, international cooperation, mentorship, travel sex offenders, counter terrorism and financial crime. From Mauritius, the conference heard presentations from the Bank of Mauritius (BoM), the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA), the Brigade Pour La Protection des Mineurs, the Independent DEBRIEF 2nd Edition of the Women in Criminal Justice Conference On 8 and 9 March, the British High Commission in Mauritius supported the virtual hosting of a ground-breaking conference bringing together women leaders from across the Criminal Justice profession to celebrate the achievements and extensive contribution of women leaders in Criminal Justice in Africa, the UK and around the world. This follows on from a successful conference hosted in London in February 2020 Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. Discussions highlighted the significant links between all these areas, the financial aspects of sexploitation and IWT, the role of regulators and beneficial ownership transparency in relation to tackling corruption. The importance of regional collaboration was a recurring theme with participants agreeing that since criminals don’t respect national borders the only way to tackle transnational crime and protect the citizens in all states is to secure cross border assistance. Révision de la notation de crédit de la MCB par Moody’s Investors Service Le 4 mars dernier, l’agence Moody’s a revu à la baisse la notation d’émetteur à long terme du gouvernement mauricien, de Baa1 à Baa2 et a maintenu une perspective négative. En conséquent, la notation de dépôt bancaire à long terme et d’émetteur de la MCB Ltd a été revue, de Baa2 à Baa3, avec une perspective négative. La révision de cette notation est principalement liée au fait que Moody’s a revu à la baisse le score du profil macroéconomique de Maurice de « Moderate- » à « Weak + » afin de refléter le contexte opérationnel et fiscal de plus en plus difficile. La MCB demeure classée « investment-grade » par Moody’s et reste l’une des rares institutions financières ainsi notée en Afrique subsaharienne. Le programme du Rotary « Partners for a Malaria-Free Zambia » reçoit 6 millions de dollars Pour contribuer à mettre fin à une des causes majeures de maladie et de décès en Zambie, une initiative dirigée par les Rotary clubs vise à sauver et à améliorer des vies en donnant au personnel de santé les moyens de tester, de diagnostiquer et de traiter le paludisme qui se propage par les piqûres de moustiques infectés, touche de manière disproportionnée les enfants de moins de cinq ans et les femmes enceintes des populations rurales. Pour contribuer à l’éradication du paludisme en Zambie, la Fondation Rotary, World Vision USA et la Fondation Bill & Melinda Gates verseront chacune 2 millions de dollars au programme « Partners for a Malaria-Free Zambia » dirigé par des Rotary clubs. Ce programme de 6 millions de dollars permettra d’ajouter 2 500 agents de santé au système de santé national zambien, ce qui permettra de diagnostiquer et de traiter efficacement le paludisme chez plus de 1,3 millions de personnes dans dix des districts les plus touchés des provinces du centre et de Muchinga. L’égalité, une réalité pour MC Vision/CANAL+ Maurice Chez MC Vision, la main d’œuvre féminine constitue 45%, et est dirigé de main de maître par une femme, Ghislaine Tchibozo, la CEO. L’entreprise compte également des femmes à la tête de quatre autres départements. A l’occasion de la Journée mondiale de la femme, l’entreprise a tenu à partager l’importance de cette célébration pour elle. « Nous sommes très fiers de faire partie des entreprises qui prônent l’égalité professionnelle, qui n’est pas seulement un vain mot chez MC Vision, mais une réalité. Un métier n’a pas de genre. Les seules qualités qui sont prises en compte durant les recrutements sont la rigueur, le dynamisme, l’esprit d’équipe, la passion, la force de proposition, la polyvalence et l’adaptabilité, entre autres. Tous nos employés, de profils divers, collaborent dans le respect de l’autre, et c’est ce qui fait le succès de MC Vision à tous les niveaux », explique Anusha Radha Balrup, Assistant HR Manager. ABC Foods lance Campo Choco Malt ABC Foods, cluster stratégique du Groupe ABC a récemment lancé Campo Choco Malt, une préparation en poudre pour boisson cacaotée et maltée. « Réalisée à partir de malt, cacao maigre, sucre et lait en poudre, Campo Choco Malt est une préparation en poudre qui peut être mélangée avec du lait, de l’eau chaude ou froide afin d’en faire une boisson riche et délicieuse. Celle-ci contient des vitamines et des minéraux essentiels pour répondre aux besoins nutritionnels et énergétiques des plus petits et plus grands », explique Paul Ah Lim, General Manager d’ABC Foods. 9

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