BIZweek n°320 11 déc 2020
BIZweek n°320 11 déc 2020
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  • Dans ce numéro : rapport sur les emissions 2020.

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r week ÉDITION 320 151 – VENDREDI 11 23 DÉCEMBRE JUIN 2017 2020 L’HEBDOMADAIRE DIGITAL GRATUIT EMISSIONS GAP REPORT 2020 U N L'ô) environment programMe là TABLE RONDE ANNUELLE DE L’AGENCE POUR L’ASSURANCE DU COMMERCE EN AFRIQUE Vers une relance économique modérée pour l’Afrique en 2022 L’HEBDOMADAIRE ÉLECTRONIQUE GRATUIT Are we on track to bridging the gap ? Absolutely not. The eleventh edition of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Emissions Gap Report has been produced in a year where the COVID-19 crisis has dominated the news and policymaking and has caused immense suffering and economic and social disruption worldwide. The report has been released on the 9th December. This economic disruption has briefly slowed – but far from eliminated – the historic and ever-increasing burden of human activity on the Earth’s climate. This burden is observable in the continuing rise in extreme weather events, including wildfires and hurricanes, and in the melting of glaciers and ice at both poles. The year 2020 has set new records – they will not be the last

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