BIZweek n°275 31 jan 2020
BIZweek n°275 31 jan 2020
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VENDREDI 31 JANVIER 2020 BIZWEEK ÉDITION 275 It had been announced in the Cabinet Decisions of 24 January 2020 (see below). The Government has agreed to the signing of the ‘Reimbursable Advisory Services Agreement’between the Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security and the World Bank in the context of the study on the viability of the sugarcane sector in Mauritius. The said agreement was first evoked in April last year. Since then, the World Bank representatives have effected two visits in Mauritius to take stock of the situation in the sugarcane sector. On Thursday morning, the Ministry of Agro-industry and Food Security and the World Bank through Mark Lundell (Country Director – Mozambique, Madagascar, Mauritius, Comoros and Seychelles) have signed and formalized the ‘Reimbursable Advisory Services Agreement’. According to the Minister, Maneesh Gobin, this will provide the opportunity to strengthen our ties with the World Bank, and he gave assurance that the Government will provide allassistance for the proper and timely development of the sector competitiveness analysis. For Mark Lundell, the sugarcane sector has been playing a critical role in the social and economic, social and environmental fields. Q BIZ ALERT TRANSITION OF THE SUGARCANE SECTOR The Ministry of Agro-industry and the World Bank sign an agreement Since April last year, the Mauritian Government agreed to establish a ‘Reimbursable Advisory Services Agreement’, for the sugarcane sector, with the World Bank. After two pre-work visits in May and October, the agreement has now been signed. It will provide for a policy framework that willallow the transition of the sector in face of the challenges it is facing since years now makes searching simple However, following past developments and due to the frequent price fluctuation, it is now under pressure. Given the importance of the sector, the World Bank will comeup with a policy framework to allow a proper transition of the sector in view of the difficulties it faces. «The World Bank will help the Government undertake the sector competitiveness analysis. A number of consultations have already been done. More will come. Given the important of the sector, it is now more than ever importance to comeup with a policy framework to help the sector transition in a way that will sustain the social and environmental balance and capitalize on the competitiveness of Mauritius in agriculture. » says Mark Lundell. According to Cabinet Decisions of 24 January 2020, the key deliverables of the Agreement are – (a) a competitiveness assessment of the advantages of the agro-industrial enterprises and farmers which will focus on productivity, cost of production, opportunity costs, and revenues from different potential market sources ; (b) an analysis of the institutional structure, performance and incentives of the various stakeholders of the sugarcane sector, including the Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security, the Mauritius Sugar Syndicate, the Sugar Insurance Fund Board, the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development, the Central Electricity Board, smallholder growers, producers, millers, employees of the various institutions, and traders ; and (c) a policy note summarising the sector review and providing main recommendations for public policy and programmes for the future development of the sugarcane sector as wellas the development of implementation plans for each recommended action. Official online directory of Mauritius Telecom Business People 3

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