BIZweek n°268 29 nov 2019
BIZweek n°268 29 nov 2019
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VENDREDI 29 NOVEMBRE 2019 BIZWEEK ÉDITION 268 More than 300 delegates, led by Ministers and their representatives from the 21 Member States are in Lusaka, Zambia,¬ to attend the celebrations hosted alongside the annual COMESA Policy Organs meetings. Key activities lined-up includes a gala where high-level panel discussions will take place, reflecting on the past and the future of COME- SA. Immediate former Deputy Chair of the African Union Mr. Erastus Mwencha, who is also a former Secretary General of COMESA will be among the panelists. At the event, Burundi is expected to present its instrument of ratification of the Tripartite Free Trade Area agreement which brings COMESA, East African Community, and Southern Africa Community into a cooperative framework. This will bring to six the number of countries that have so far ratified the Agreement. ACTA PUBLICA 28 NOVEMBER 2019 COMESA Celebrates 25 Years The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa – COMESA, celebrated yesterday 25 years since it was established in 1994 to succeed the Preferential Trade Area (PTA) makes searching simple Two new transformative innovations that provides solutions to contemporary challenges, will be recognized and awarded during the ceremony. The innovations were identified under the COMESA Innovation Award Scheme, which focus on new products, new methods of production and new ways of improving technology. COMESA work programme and budget to be approved They include BRIISP Power System (BPS) a power system that sustains power almost in its normal range despite being used. Developed by a young Zambian university student Billy Munyenyembe, the innovation has the potential to increase power access and reduce inconsistency of power supply. «Sufficient power is critical to meet the demand of local and eventually global market, youth empowerment and massive job creation in the process, which willalso contribute positively to the economic growth and poverty eradication in Zambia,» Munyenyembe said. The other innovation that will be recognized is the African Gate (AFGT) by Giza Moto company of Egypt. AFGT is a trade platformintended to create value by exchanging goods with the potential of re-exporting to new markets and thereby expand inter- African Trade. «The major benefit of countertrade is it facilitates conservation of foreign currency, which is a prime consideration for cash-strapped nations and provides an alternative to traditional financing that may not be available in developing nations,» said the innovator, MohamedGaber. The culmination of the COMESA Silver Jubilee Anniversary will be the 40th Council of Ministers meeting, which will take place today, Friday, 29 November 2019. The Ministers will review and approve the COMESA work programme and budget for 2020. Official online directory of Mauritius Telecom Business People 3 -

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