BIZweek n°251 2 aoû 2019
BIZweek n°251 2 aoû 2019
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WORKSHOP COMESA and AUC Train Member States in Green Climate Financing ÉDITION 251– 151 – VENDREDI 02 23 AOÛT JUIN 2019 2017 L’HEBDOMADAIRE DIGITAL GRATUIT L’HEBDOMADAIRE ÉLECTRONIQUE GRATUIT WOMEN, BUSINESS AND THE LAW 2019 Mauritius ranks 34 with 91.88 points To develop a better understanding of how women’s employment and entrepreneurship are affected by legal discrimination, ‘Women, Business and the Law 2019  : A Decade of Reform’- a World Bank report released this week - examines ten years of data through an index structured around the economic decisions women make as they go through their working lives. The data show there has been great progress towards legal gender equality over the past decade. In 131 economies there have been 274 reforms to laws and regulations, leading to an increase in gender equality. This includes the 35 economies that implemented laws on workplace sexual harassment, protecting nearly two billion more women than a decade ago. But the average global score is 74.71, indicating that a typical economy only gives women three-quarters the rights of men in the measured areas. Mauritius ranks first in the Sub-Saharan region, and 34th globally, with a 91.88 score because of the measures taken towards gender equality

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