BIZweek n°243 31 mai 2019
BIZweek n°243 31 mai 2019
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VENDREDI 31 MAI 2019 BIZWEEK ÉDITION 2431 8 Top 10 journalists Kushner facing threats heads Not to sure how I should feel about being on Middle East Rewarded for involving #AFP youth this list. But here I am. Among the ten journalists facing the most US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is leading a urgent delegation threats to to Press the Middle Freedom East, signaling around the a new push world on a longpromised peace @RanaAyyub plan - for 9:58 AM @TIME the region. - Kushner 1 Apr 2019has been accompanied by Jason Greenblatt, Trump’s special representative for international negotiations, and Brian Hook, Contre the special attaquer US representative for Iran, the White House La said Chine on Tuesday. et The delegation Trump began its trip in the Moroccan capital Rabat and was set to travel to Amman, Jordan, and Jerusalem later this week. A White House official told Reuters News Agency one reason for this week’s trip is to boost support for a June 25-26 US-led conference in Manama, Bahrain, in which Kushner is set to unveil the first part of Trump’s longawaited Israeli-Palestinian peace plan. Dans son nouveau livre, à paraître mercredi, @BrunoLeMaire @ Aljazeera – 28th May 2019 rêve d›un empire européen qui contreattaque face à la Chine et Trump #commerce @antoniguez - 2:44 PM RwandaAgri - 2 was Apr 2019 awarded this year’s Edouard Saouma Award, a global prize by @ FAO for outstanding efforts in involving youth in Rwanda’s agriculture Digital transformation Award consists of a medal, a scroll describing extinction the winner’s achievements & a cash prize The chief digital officer $25,000. role is already heading @ MINAGRI toward (Rwanda) extinction – 28th May 2019 @qz - 3:20 PM - 2 Apr 2019 TOP Tweets Alibaba Considers Listing in Hong Kong TWEETS Supreme Court suspends airport development permit in India PM Modi to host Chinese president Xi Congress wants to deliver India’s Congress promises to halve unemployment ; Kashmir plan criticized Good news for the environment  : The Supreme Holding Court Ltd. of is India weighing drew a on our 1st Envi- Chinese e-commerce titan Alibaba Group plan ronmental to list in Hong Rule Kong, of Law according report a major ruling last familiar week, with suspending the matter, a a controversial to people Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will host the Chinese President Xi Jinping later this move permit that would for the create development a roundthe-cloctional market airport for in Goa its shares - a widely recognised on Wednesday. « During the first Informal Summit in Wuhan, Chinese President Xi had of an interna- year for an informal summit, an Indian foreign ministry spokesman said in a statement and bring global in biodiversity more investors hotspot from accepted the invitation of PM Modi to visit India for the next Informal Summit in 2019. the region. Alibaba’s deliberations The two sides are in touch, through diplomatic channels, to finalize the date and venue come @UNEnvironment more than four years - 9:00 after AM the - 2 Apr 2019 for the meeting, » the spokesman said. Both leaders have met several times over the past year to defuse tensions and bolster trade ties after a military standoff at their highaltitude Himalayan border in 2017 rekindled fears of war between the two Asian nations. online-retailing giant went public in New York following a recordsetting $25 billion stock sale. The company’s Eiffel market value Tower topped @ Reuters – 29th May 2019 half a trillion dollars last summer before slipping to around $402 billion anniversary currently. 130 anniversary of the inauguration @ The Wall Street Journal – 28th May of the Eiffel Tower during the Universal Exhibition of Paris. #AFP 2019 @ World Bank and human capital investment Arun Jaitley raises the national security debate AFPphoto 8:00 PM - 1 Apr 2019 On April 10, world leaders will make the urgent economic + social case Taiwan’s for investing more in #HumanCapital – that will help create healthy, Pegatron to educated, skilled & resilient people make chips for for a more prosperous future. Make Apple sure to watch  : T130oepf3 #InvestInPeople #WB- Taiwan electronics company GMeetings Pegatron has signed a letter of intent stating it intends to invest Parthenogenesis, 2019 Congress Manifesto @WorldBank - 2:01 PM - 2 Apr 2019 10 trillion to 15 trillion rupiah ($695 you said ? is a Charter to Weaken million to $1 billion) in an Indonesian India. After reading factory to produce chips for Apple Anna the anaconda — 30 pounds, 8 years old and Congress 10 feet Manifesto long — had given smartphones, the Indonesian birth to a litter of baby snakes. By design, Anna’s my roommates worst fears were have all female. deputy industry minister said on She had no contact with males. Was it magic ? Divine come intervention ? true. The repeal A secret, Tuesday. Pegatron plans to produce late-night reptile tryst ? Of course not, the biologists of S.124A knew. This of the was IPC, simply the the chips in partnership with Guterres emotionally wonders impressed of science. The in staffers Cairo immediately suspected diluting AFSPA a rare & reproductive « bail Indonesian electronics company PT strategy called parthenogenesis, which means that is the a rule female jail organism the exception » for terrorists & can Sat Nusapersada, Deputy Minister Warsito Ignatius The told impressive Reuters. « The weight of more than 1,000 self-impregnate. years of history, She culture, does not scholarship need no man-aconda. The word itself is of Greek origin. Its translation means virgin birth. The hardcore phenomenon criminals is far will more factory might and also worship be used was to evident at @AlAzhar in Cairo. As a man of faith, I was humbled to common in plants and insects, but it has been documented compromise in national some lizard, produce MacBook express components my respect as for Islam to the Grand Imam shark, and bird my and solidarity snake species. with its followers security. well, but it would not be in the short in these turbulent times. term, » Ignatius said. @arunjaitley - 3:19 PM @ The Washington Post – 24th May 2019 @antonioguterres - 1:16 PM - 2 Apr 2019 - 2 Apr 2019 @ Reuters – 28th May 2019 Congestion tax in New York  : Litmus test Bad news for India’s manufacturing Jump-started by a February agreement between the city and the state, the congestion tax aims to generate revenue that will go exclusively to the New York City subway system, which is in need of Growth colossal inupgrades. India’s manufacturing industry slowed to a Inspired by successful emissions-cutting models in London, Stockholm six-month low in March and Singapore, the tax that vehicles pay - depending on road conditions and the time @ReutersIndia of day - will - 3:20 be PM determined by a six-member mobility board - 2 Apr formed2019 by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. In theory, not only will traffic problems abate, but the subway administration willuse the estimated $1bn generated annually by the tax to fix trains, repair tracks, and modernise the ageing signal network. @ Aljazeera – 28th May 2019
VENDREDI 31 MAI 2019 BIZWEEK ÉDITION 243 Under the Agreement, COMESA delegates to UNCTAD the design and development of national and regional Trade Information Portals (TIPs) and the Customs Automation Regional Centre (CARC). The two activities are worth 3 million euros and will be funded from an 85 million euros kitty provided by the European Union to COMESA under the 11th European Development Fund Trade Facilitation Programme. Out of this amount, 68 million euros will be used to implement trade facilitation and small-scale cross border trade. The TIPs will facilitate easy access to essential trade information in one platformwhile the CARC will support technical and functional training on the Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA) World Platformthereby improving skills to develop and use applications. This is in addition to developing the latest ASYCUDA Applications to The National Productivity and Competitiveness Council (NPCC) is organising a workshop on ‘Innovation through Design Thinking’on 3 and 4 June as part of their effort to promote innovative practices amid local organisations and subsequently to boostup productivity at all levels. The workshop, which will be hosted by Singapore based training, facilitation, coaching and consulting expert, Grace Tan, is REGIONAL TRADE enhance trade facilitation systems at the national, regional and continental levels. COMESA Secretary General said the co-delegation was informedby UNCTAD’s experience and expertise in promoting trade facilitation, and capacity in modernizing Customs Administrations, and ASYCUDA being its intellectual property. « I am confident that UNCTAD will deliver the expected outcomes as enshrined in the Co-delegation Agreement, » she said. Trading with the rest of the world In his address Dr. Kituyi said the engine of regional integration and the deepening integration through trade is largely dependent on the success of COMESA as the regional organization with the largest member states and a very substantial component of the African economy. « You are DEBRIEF COMESA, UNCTAD Launch Deal to Establish Regional Trade Information Portals COMESA and United National Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) have, on May 24, launched a Co-delegation Agreement to implement trade facilitation projects in the region. UNCTAD Secretary General Dr Mukhisa Kituyi and his COMESA counterpart Chileshe Kapwepwe launched the Agreement at the COMESA Headquarters in Lusaka, Zambia the core and not only of the Tripartite (Tree Trade Area) but at the very base of how to develop the architecture and practicalities of Africa’s Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA), » he said. « In no way are we going to downplay the centrality facilitated in trade, not only as a way of making Africa competitive but also overcoming the challenges particularly of landlocked countries on the continent which faces the daunting task in competitively trading with the rest of the world. » He said UNCTAD is a proud partner of COMESA and its Member States, having carried out substantial work together in creation and strengthening of national trade facilitation committees. « We offer from our expertise and our experience backstopping to the trade facilitation subcommittee of COME- SA, and I would like to share with the Secretary General our willingness and availability [as UNCTAD] to build on the co-delegation agreement other shared responsibilities, » Dr. Kituyi said. NPCC organizes workshop on Innovation through Design Thinking expected to help participants obtain a strong insight into the realms of Design Thinking and how they can use the tools provided to bring innovation into their activities. In simpler terms, Design Thinking is the ability to combine empathy for the context of the problem, creativity in the generation of insights and solutions, and rationality to analyse and fit solutions to the context. GS1(MAURITIUS) LTD and SME Mauritius Ltd extend their collaboration In celebration of its year-long Silver Jubilee, GS1 Mauritius pursues its close collaboration with the Government to increase the adoption and implementation of GS1 Barcodes, to further contribute to the economic development of Mauritius and Rodrigues. In this context, GS1(MAURITIUS) LTD and SME Mauritius Ltd announced, on 24 May, an extension to their previous collaboration to also support Rodriguan MSMEs by providing them financial assistance to acquire GS1 Barcodes to access new markets. The GS1 Barcodes allocated by GS1(MAURITIUS) LTD are unique worldwide. By acquiring GS1 Barcodes under this scheme, Rodriguan MSMEs will not onlyupgrade their products and gain easier access to new markets, but they will reap numerous benefits. Moka Rangers Sports Club organise sa première compétition d’escrime L’escrime, qui regroupe force, stratégie et raffinement, est l’une des activités phares du Moka Rangers Sports Club. Ce dernier a accueilli sa première compétition, l’épreuve initiale du circuit « épée », le dimanche 26 mai au gymnase de l’Ecole du Centre. Une belle réussite pour ce club sportif en pleine progression. L’événement a permis aux spectateurs de découvrir, voire redécouvrir cette discipline sportive. Pour commencer, les participants de plusieurs catégories, répartis en six équipes composées d’enfants et huit autres regroupant adolescents/adultes, ont défilé dans leurs habits de combat. Puis, les escrimeurs ont fait montre de leur talent devant un public conquis. Il s’agissait d’un tournoi amical mis en place pour permettre aux sportifs et leurs coachs d’améliorer leurs techniques. Master Class Boulanger à La Pirogue La Pirogue a accueilli du 13 au 16 mai, la Master Class Boulanger par Service à la Française. Ainsi, une quinzaine de participants issus de différents hôtels de Maurice et de Sun Resorts ont fait le déplacement à La Pirogue pour suivre cette formation afin de parfaire leurs connaissances en boulangerie. Cette formation a été dispensée par le Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Pascal Tepper. Après trois jours de cours théoriques et pratiques, les participants ont eu l’occasion de présenter leur savoir-faire et techniques appris, lors d’une journée, le jeudi 16 mai, à La Pirogue. Une remise de certificats signée par Pascal Tepper, a eu lieu ensuite pour clôturer la Master Class Boulanger. 9

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