Architecture Canada n°9 2nd semestre 2010
Architecture Canada n°9 2nd semestre 2010
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  • Dans ce numéro : l'excellence dans la conception des centres de justice.

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415794_Euclid.indd 1 1/19/09 7:26:34 PM Classifieds ARCHITECTURAL SPECIALTIES/LOUVRES Ten Plus Architectural Products Ltd. 6535 MillCreek Dr., Unit 26 Mississauga, ON L5N 2M2 Phone : 905.363.2306 Fax : 905.625.0067 Toll Free : 1.866.884.0717 Web : Purveyors of Architectural Louvres, Sunshades, Vision Screens and Footgrilles. We will gladly assist you with budgeting, detailing and specifications. Great customer service is our distinguishing factor. CURVED FRAMING COMPONENTS Flex-Ability Concepts 5500 S. W. 36th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73179 Phone : 405.996.5343 Fax : 405.996.5353 E-mail : Web : Flex-C Trac (steel) and Quick Curve Plate (OSB-wood) provide solutions for framing curved walls and soffits, columns, barrel vaults and more. They are strong and minimize flat spots. Photo : Steven Evans Lighting Nelson & Garrett Incorporated Third generation craftsmen of custom architectural, restoration and historical reproduction luminaires. 106 Birmingham Street Toronto, ON M8V 4E6 T 416.463.0050 1.877.885.8820 E Mills Architectural Lighting A DIVISION OF LIGHTING NELSON & GARRETT INCORPORATED Lighting for Houses of Worship 1.800.268.1526 448208_Fireline.indd 46 ■ THE ROYAL 1 ARCHITECTURAL INSTITUTE OF CANADA/L’INSTITUT 9/25/09 ROYAL 12:27:06 D’ARCHITECTURE 473868_Lighting.indd PM DU CANADA 1 3/31/10 7:54:21 AM
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