Architecture Canada n°8 1er semestre 2010
Architecture Canada n°8 1er semestre 2010
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40 41 The Natural Advantage of NORDIC LAM TM NORDIC JOIST TM NORDIC LVL RIM BOARD Resource friendly, made from 100% black spruce, glulam products from Nordic Engineered Wood provide the dimensional stability and high strength reliability builders need in residential, commercial, industrial and architectural construction. Recent projects demonstrate the design flexibility of Nordic’s products. Nordic Lam TM beams, headers, columns, tall wall studs, and our latest innovation, the NI-90x I-joist series provide price- and performance-based solutions for all your design and building requirements. Nordic’s glulams and I-joists feature an exclusive Enviro=Lam TM technology, a unique fibre optimization process that minimizes waste and converts more of nature’s raw material into useful products than ever before. Callus today and discover how Nordic products can work for you ! A Division of Chantiers Chibougamau Nordic is certified under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and the Forest Stewardship Council. 445556_Nordic.indd 1 9/7/09 7:02:42 PM The key to our Garden Roof is our Monolithic Membrane 6125 , a seamless rubberized asphalt membrane with a 45+ year track record for critical water-proofing and roofing applications worldwide. The Garden Roof Assembly has set the standard by which all other green roofs are measured. Our Total Assembly Warranty provides owners with single source responsibility from the deckup. This is peace of mind that only Hydrotech can offer. Hyrdotech Membrane Corp. 800.361.8924 449168_Read.indd 40 ■ THE ROYAL 1 ARCHITECTURAL INSTITUTE OF CANADA/L’INSTITUT 1/1/70 ROYAL D’ARCHITECTURE 8:58:54 447112_Hydratech.indd AM DU CANADA 1 9/18/09 9:13:30 PM
ACCESS FLOORING Tate ASP..30 ACOUSTICAL SOUND CONTROL AMBICO Limited..32 ARCHITECTURAL HARDWARE C R Laurence Company, Inc..22, 23 ARCHITECTURAL SOFTWARE Autodesk Canada 10 Graphisoft North America.. outside back cover ARCHITECTURAL SPECIALTIES Ten Plus Architectural Products Ltd42 AUTOMATIC GATES Tymetal Corporation..9 BRICK The Belden Brick Company.14 BUILDING SCIENCE & RESTORATION SERVICES Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd40 CENTRAL VAC Vacuflo 32 CONCRETE FINISHING Tri-Con Concrete Finishing Co. Ltd 3 CONCRETE REPAIR & PROTECTION Xypex Chemical Corp..28 CONCRETE RESTORATION & CLEANING Sika Canada 32 CONSULTING ENGINEERS Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd40 CURVED FRAMING COMPONENTS Flex-Ability Concepts..42 DETENTION CP Distributors Ltd..42 ENERGY EFFICIENCY PROGRAMS Enbridge Gas Distribution.inside back cover ENGINEERED WOOD MANUFACTURERS Nordic Engineered Wood.40 FENCES & GATES Ameristar Fence Products...30 FENCING - ORNAMENTAL IRON Iron Eagle Industries Inc..19 FLOORING Mirage/Boa-Franc...42 Sika Canada 32 GLASS PROTECTION Glass Protection Solutions..41 GLASS WALL SYSTEMS NanaWall Systems Inc...4 GREEN ROOF SYSTEMS Hydrotech Membrane Corporation..40 Xero Flor Canada Ltd...42 HIGH-TOLERANCE FLOORS Sika Canada 32 INSULATION (GREEN) Twin Maple..15 LOUVRES Ten Plus Architectural Products Ltd42 MASONRY ANCHORAGE & REINFORCEMENT Sika Canada 32 MEMBRANE ROOFING Sika Canada 32 METAL BUILDING SYSTEMS VP Buildings..5 METAL FENCING Tymetal Corporation..9 MODULAR CONSTRUCTION NRB Inc...12 MORTAR FOR MASONRY RESTORATION Sika Canada 32 Index to Advertisers/Index des annonceurs Protecting What Matters Most. ORNAMENTAL GATES Tymetal Corporation..9 ROOFING Sika Canada 32 Xero Flor Canada Ltd...42 ROOFING & SIDING PANELS Vicwest.8 ROOFING PRODUCTS IKO Industries Inc..6 SECURITY GATES Tymetal Corporation..9 SITE PREPARATION Invisible Structures, Inc...18 Window Film Specialists WINDOW FILM SPECIALISTS Redefining Window Film• Blast Mitigation• Advanced Security• Solar Control• Anti- Graffiti• Decorative Tel : 416.548.4737 THE ROYAL ARCHITECTURAL INSTITUTE OF CANADA/L’INSTITUT ROYAL D’ARCHITECTURE DU CANADA ■ 41 450282_GlassPS.indd 1 10/20/09 10:53:09 PM

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