Architecture Canada n°8 1er semestre 2010
Architecture Canada n°8 1er semestre 2010
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Opening Up The Opportunities With VP’s Open Web Framing Open Web Advantages Include… Building Efficiency For projects that require clear spans approaching 100’or greater, open web trusses may be a natural choice. Clear span trusses have the ability to carry heavy roof loads more economically than other framing options. Additionally, projects that do not require heavy roof loads may sometimes benefit with a truss frame design, especially in design/build projects where the builder can control roof height and clear height requirements. Plus the fact that the open web design allows for better light distribution and air circulation helps to make the building more efficient. Architectural Appeal Open web trusses have an architectural look that gives building interiors an attractive, open structural appearance. Further, the latticed design of the rafter allows building mechanicals and ductwork to be located within the web, allowing for more clearance beneath the bottom chord. See How Open Web Framing Can Be An Opportunity For You Open web framing is one of the unique building solutions available through Varco Pruden Builders. Varco Pruden Buildings is a recognized leader in providing quality steel building systems throughout North America. For more information about our innovative products and our network of more than 1,000 Independent Authorized VP Builders, callus at 800-238-3246 or visit Erectability One of the erection advantages of an open web frame is the fact the frames are relatively light compared to alternatives. This allows for easier lifting and bolt-up in the field. When projects are being erected with supersets (bays assembled on the ground then lifted into place) these light but rigid assemblies can be erected faster and safer. BUILD SMART 2009 Varco Pruden Buildings is a division of BlueScope Buildings North America, Inc. All rights reserved. BUILD GREEN

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