Architecture Canada n°7 2nd semestre 2009
Architecture Canada n°7 2nd semestre 2009
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22 23 Health-care Design program are also grouped together to limit unnecessary patient travel and promote team building among caregivers. The reception area, information desks and other focal points within the centre were situated to serve as « orientation indexes » and « points of rest » for users of the facility. « Many of the patients have severe physical disabilities, and have prosthetics, or use walkers and wheelchairs. Some are in such an extreme condition that they lie horizontally, » explains Jason Goorts, a 2006 recipient of the RAIC Student Medal and a member of the design team with Corriveau et Girard. « We had to go beyond the normal requirements for accessibility. » The rehab centre has also been brightenedup from its previous « dark institutional beige » tones. « It was quite monotonous and diffi cult to orient oneself throughout the centre, » says Goorts. Corriveau et Girard relied on a colour palette drawn from nature (stones, leaves, wood) to establish a link between the centre’s Strength, the number one factor in fence life, is ensured by high-tensile steel pickets (1 » or 3/4 ») and rails that are fusion welded at every intersection. Montage II and Montage Plus ATF (All Terrain Fence) are the only welded steel fences with the capability to follow severe grade changes. interior and exterior spaces. In addition, a water wall was placed inside the building to provide a « refl ective corner » for outpatients. And Quebec artist Sylvie Readman was commissioned to produce two large panoramic photographs for the new entrance hall. The photos feature images of nature, with its shifting light and shadows, to illustrate various states of mobility. There’s also a lot of natural light through interior fenestration that fills the entrance hall, offices, treatment rooms and activity areas. Access to the centre was also improved. The new entrance halland waiting area are situated in space once occupied by a parking garage. It now features plenty of windows, which allows patients to see from inside when their rides arrive rather than having to wait outside for transportation from the facility. So far, 75 per cent of the renovation work on the three-storey building has been completed, including sections for occupational therapy and those used to conduct driving Heavy-duty square steel pickets (1 » or 3/4 ») provide both perimeter protection and visability for surveillance. Ameristar’s Aegis systems employ the ForeRunner rail to add security and beauty by hiding the picket fastening system internally. tests or adapt vehicles for special-needs drivers ; a daily-life rehabilitation area with a mockup kitchen, bedroom and bathroom ; treatment rooms ; common areas ; employee lounges ; corridors ; reception areas ; and research facilities. The physiotherapy and hydrotherapy sections will soon be completed. But already, the design plan for Constance-Lethbridge has been a success, mainly due to a close collaborative effort between the Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de Montréal, the centre’s directors and employees, and Corriveau et Girard, says Girard. « It’s a real pleasure to work with a client that really cares for the well-being of their clientele to see the benefi ts of best practices in design in the built environment, » she explains. « The feedback from the clientele, employees and caregivers who have seen us at the centre find it welcoming and bright and lessinstitutional than other similar facilities – which was one of our goals. » ■ Wide steel pales (2-3/4 ») provide moderate screening and strong resistance to vandals. Unlike easily cut chain link fences, Impasse ornamental steel security fences will delay intruders for several minutes, giving valuable time to initiate and implement ample countermeasures. 22 418714_Ameristar.indd ■ THE ROYAL ARCHITECTURAL 1 INSTITUTE OF CANADA/L’INSTITUT ROYAL D’ARCHITECTURE DU CANADA 4/2/09 1:52:23 AM
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