Architecture Canada n°12 1er semestre 2012
Architecture Canada n°12 1er semestre 2012
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22 23 / 2011 Energy Efficient / Éconergétique continued from page 19 than the benchmark set by Canada’s Model National Energy Code for Buildings. Through grid-supplied green power and with the buildingintegrated photovoltaic system, carbon dioxide emissions are also reduced by 67 per cent, according to Love. He says that performance is about the 2030 Challenge target for buildings with design completion in 2019. “The design for the centre was completed in 2006, so it’s about 13 years ahead of schedule based on the 2030 timeline.” In other areas, the centre uses grey water from the cooling system in dual-fl ush toilets and low-fl ow taps, which helps to reduce water use by more than 55 per cent annually, compared to a similarly sized conventional building. Along the same comparison, the CDC boasts further energy reduction by relying on natural light at the perimeter of the building, coupled with a lighting control system. Air throughout the centre, which is home to a daycare facility and a child development research unit, is regulated through a state-of-the-art mechanical fresh-air ventilation system that modulates airfl ow based on cooling and ventilation needs. Through it, fresh air, emanating from the under-fl oor ventilation system, displaces warmer stale air. On the ground fl oor of the four-storey building where the open day-care area is located, a separate air-handling system deals with the large volume of outdoor air that regularly enters the building at that level. Flow-control boxes, situated throughout the building, allow air supply to be reduced when classrooms or workstation pods are unoccupied. Other green features of the centre include the use of low- emitting fl ooring and wood panelling low in volatile organic compounds. Electrical submetering is used, divided into zones, to measure energy consumption. However, designing the building did not come without its challenges. Faced with monthly construction infl ation rates of about two per cent, the university had to make some compromises. For instance, the building features double-glazed argon windows, rather than triple-glazed ones, to keep costs down. But as Love explains: “At the end of the day, we showed that you can still do a high-performance building even if you can’t get everything you want.” ■ suite de la page 21 émissions de composés organiques volatils; ainsi que l’utilisation de compteurs divisionnaires pour déterminer la consommation énergétique des différentes zones. La conception d’un tel bâtiment a toutefois posé bien des défi s. En raison de la hausse des coûts de construction découlant d’un taux d’infl ation d’environ deux pour cent, l’université a dû faire certains compromis. Par exemple, elle a choisi des fenêtres à verre double remplies à l’argon, plutôt que des fenêtres à verre triple, pour réduire les coûts. Mais comme le conclut Jim Love : « Au bout du compte, nous avons démontré qu’il est toujours possible de construire un bâtiment à haut rendement, même si on ne peut pas le doter de toutes les caractéristiques écologiques que l’on voudrait. » ■ 22 552406_Reggin.indd ■ ARCHITECTURE CANADA 1 9/26/11 4:50:05 PM
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