Architecture Canada n°11 2nd semestre 2011
Architecture Canada n°11 2nd semestre 2011
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  • Dans ce numéro : le milieu de l'éducation trace la voie pour relever le Défi 2030.

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26 27 Products & Services Marketplace Features : 10 th Edition of the IES LIGHTING HANDBOOK Editors : David DiLaura, Kevin Houser, Richard Mistrick, Gary Steffy Provides a compendium of what is known that directly relates to lighting and lighting design Concise explanation of material Content and format tailored to those involved in lighting decisions Four color throughout ; 600+ illustrations Conveniently-referenced tabular information is exemplified with numerous photographs and illustrations Sustainable practice embedded throughout : refinement of light level criteria, definitive criteria related to brightness and user impressions, factors influencing power and energy use for lighting, and methods to minimize light trespass and light pollution « The Handbook is the most thorough and comprehensive revision in the past forty years. Not only is the format completely new, but the scope and depth of the subjects are unprecedented. It is quite simply the best Handbook ever. » Alan Laird Lewis, OD, PhD, FIES Pages : 1087 (approx.) List Price : $595.00 IES Member Price : $350.00 Order # : HB-10-11 For Additional Information Visit : Online : 510965_Illuminating.indd 1 12/17/10 8:47:03 PM The Natural Advantage of NORDIC LAM TM NORDIC JOIST TM NORDIC LVL RIM BOARD Resource friendly, made from 100% black spruce, glulam products from Nordic Engineered Wood provide the dimensional stability and high strength reliability builders need in residential, commercial, industrial and architectural construction. Recent projects demonstrate the design flexibility of Nordic’s products. Nordic Lam TM beams, headers, columns, tall wall studs, and our latest innovation, the NI-90x I-joist series provide price- and performance-based solutions for all your design and building requirements. Nordic’s glulams and I-joists feature an exclusive Enviro=Lam TM technology, a unique fibre optimization process that minimizes waste and converts more of nature’s raw material into useful products than ever before. Callus today and discover how Nordic products can work for you ! A Division of Chantiers Chibougamau Nordic is certified under internationally recognized standards and the Forest Stewardship Council. 26 510998_Nordic.indd ■ ARCHITECTURE 1CANADA 1/22/11 6:10:20 PM
Products & Services Marketplace 523553_Precision.indd 1 4/1/11 11:49:50 AM ARCHITECTURE CANADA ■ 27 524508_Sika.indd 1 3/31/11 8:08:27 PM

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